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Don't spend HOURS & HOURS

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That's like holding your breath... 

Waiting to see if your audience likes it or NOT!

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They don't spend hours creating just 1 email opt in.

They create many, short opt ins.

And see what works best.

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If it takes forever to create just ONE opt in, how will you ever find out which opt ins perform the BEST for you & your audience?

Online business PROS don't create just one, they create a few different freebies.

...To See Which Perform The Best!

This is how you find out which ones are most popular with your audience.

Using Opt In Resource you can quickly create a multiple opt ins (worksheets, checklists, trackers, how to guides, etc).

You can also quickly create your social media promo graphics to promote your awesome new freebies right away.

What Will You Get?

  • 4 styles of cover pages
  • 1 welcome / introdution page
  • 2 options for worksheets
  • 1 goal planner
  • 1 weekly tracker
  • 1 notes page
  • 4 options for checklists
  • 1 how-to page (for lessons or content)
  • 2 styles of About Me pages
  • 3 options for Facebook covers
  • 3 options for Twitter headers

You KNOW growing your email list is KEY.

This is how you build your business!

But who has the free-time to create email lead magnets to attract subscribers?

AND, once you've created the freebie, you still have to promote it! On your blog AND in social media profiles, headers & covers.

Because what good is spending ALL THAT TIME creating a fabulous new lead magnet if you don't promote it on your blog AND social media channels?

No wonder it's been on your to-do list for so long!

What if I told you YOU DON'T HAVE TO create it all from scratch?

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The clock really is ticking! You can access everything until this offer expires - but then it goes back up to full-price & you'll have to pay $30.

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